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Bridging Investment Funds and Governments: Shaping Global Growth Together

About us

Our team is proficient in global lead generation, developing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) strategies, managing business growth, as well as providing marketing and media support. With a collective consulting experience exceeding 180 years, our partners boast a wide range of expertise across numerous sectors, coupled with an in-depth understanding of international business growth. Our company's rich history has allowed us to amass substantial project and operational experience, which greatly benefits our clientele. We offer carefully crafted designs that can act as crucial frameworks for attracting Foreign Direct Investments in your Country.

What we do

FDI World is committed to offering bespoke services in the realm of foreign direct investment, locale and trade promotion, the digital economy, and international business expansion. From our inception with the establishment of the Borghese family office, we have been a reliable ally and consultant for Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs), governmental entities, and private businesses.

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